When should I look to file a personal injury lawsuit? 

When looking for a personal injury lawyer in Peoria, AZ, you will want to find one with experience because personal injury cases can vary a lot: Some may involve automobile accidents while others might involve medical malpractice; negligence is a common occurrence in such cases, but some claims include intentional actions. No matter the circumstances surrounding your situation, Saavedra Law Firm has experienced lawyers who are available to review your case in an initial consultation. Schedule one now at 602-753-8917. 

When should I look to file a personal injury lawsuit? 

  • The first thing to know is that, in Arizona, the statute of limitations requires a claim to be filed within 2 years of the incident. 
  • The second thing to consider is medical treatment: By visiting a healthcare professional immediately after your injury, you will have documentation of both the incident and its effects on your health and well-being. Receiving a medical diagnosis of the severity of your injury may provide significant contributions to your case in the future. 
  • The third piece of information to be aware of is the fact that you may not need to file a lawsuit because many cases reach a settlement. You should first check to see if the individual you suspect to be legally responsible for your injury has an insurance policy that covers the damages. Also, be sure to find out if your insurance policies apply to the situation. 

Why should I contact a personal injury lawyer Peoria, AZ? 

  • If you are unable to receive insurance information from the person responsible for your injury, contact a lawyer. Even if you do get their insurance information, speaking to a legal professional with experience in these matters will provide you with guidance on how to proceed. If the injury you sustained from the incident is severe enough, it may be worth pursuing aggressive legal action. A lawyer can help you determine what decisions would be financially feasible and worthwhile. 
  • Lawyers are able to investigate the circumstances of your personal injury case, analyze liability, collect evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, send letters on your behalf, prepare pleadings, and more. Throughout this process, they can help you file your claim, which may lead to a settlement or a lawsuit.  

What counts as a personal injury?

  • Personal injury cases can be filed when an individual intentionally or unintentionally harms another person. 
  • Over the years, there have been many hard-to-believe cases brought before courts. Some were dismissed, some resulted in the plaintiff receiving thousands of dollars in damages, and others concluded with the plaintiff being rewarded as little as $1. (Fortunately, most damages received are not taxed.)
  • It is difficult to predict the outcome of any case, and personal injury cases are no different. To determine whether or not your case warrants extensive legal action, we recommend you schedule a consultation with a lawyer. 

Saavedra Law Firm’s founding partner is an award-winning personal injury lawyer who prioritizes justice for personal-injury clients by holding negligent parties responsible for the harm they have inflicted. Schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Peoria, AZ, today to recover your damages.