Recent Arizona Truck Crash Illustrates the Dangers of Chain Reaction Accidents

Sometimes, Arizona truck accidents can have serious implications beyond the two colliding vehicles involved. When two vehicles collide, the occupants of the vehicles are likely to be injured, but unfortunately, the crash could also cause a chain reaction and cause additional harm to a much larger group of people. All of the individuals injured, whether

Tragic Arizona Truck Accident on US-93 Kills Two

Earlier this month, two truck drivers were tragically killed in a fatal truck accident just north of Wickenburg, Arizona. According to a news report covering the tragic accident, the two drivers were both driving semi-trucks, but heading in opposite directions. Evidently, the southbound truck crossed over the center median, although it is not yet known

Arizona Dump Truck Accidents

Most motorists have had the unpleasant experience of driving behind a fully-load dump truck as it clumsily lumbers down the road. When loaded full of material or junk, dump trucks can weigh tens of thousands of pounds. As a result, drivers often have a difficult time coming to a complete stop and negotiating turns effectively.

Common Causes of Arizona Truck Accidents

With thousands of miles of highway connecting the west coast with the rest of the country, Arizona sees a disproportionate amount of semi-truck traffic. According to the most recent government statistics, in 2018 alone, there were over 12,500 Arizona truck accidents. This figure accounts for about 5% of all Arizona traffic accidents. Nearly all truck

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