Hotel Security Requirements: When Is Negligence a Factor?

Hotel Security and Negligence

Hotel Security Requirements: When Is Negligence a Factor?When most people think about hotels, they also think about relaxation, fun-filled activities, and even good food. However, things don’t always go as planned. Although it is the duty of a hotel to ensure they provide adequate security, many of these facilities fail to do so. 

Injuries  or Deaths Related to Negligent Hotel Security 

A hotel cannot invite guests to stay with them without taking necessary security measures. This means that the facility, and it’s parent company (if it has one) must be aware of any current dangers, as well as industry practices. If they fail to take these precautionary steps, they could be liable for negligence. 

Some steps that a hotel must do to keep guests safe include:

Damages That May Be Available in A Negligent Hotel Security Case

When a hotel ignores any possible dangers, and they fail to take appropriate actions, their guests may be put at risk for suffering an injury. Any injury, or even death, could result in lost expenses including:

A lawyer can review your case and help you to understand the full extent of your losses. When applicable, they will be included in your hotel negligent security case. 

Common Dangers that May Result from Negligent Security Practices

Assaults and Robberies

It is no secret that hotels are a popular destination for thieves, robbers, and criminals. Many hotel parking lots have dark areas in which these individuals can hide while waiting for a victim to walk by. Assaults and robberies at hotels are unfortunately all too common, and many of these incidents result in significant harm. Sadly, many of these acts could have been avoided had the hotel taken the right precautionary measures. 

Mass Shootings

Although not as common as other negligent security acts, there have been a number of hotels that were the target of a shooting, or mass shooting. One of the worst incidents occurred in Las Vegas in 2017. Today, many hotels have installed metal detectors or bag screening points. If a hotel did not have this equipment or failed to use it, and shooting happened, a negligent security lawyer should be contacted. 

Stolen Property

Although it might not be as devastating as an assault or shooting, the stolen property can lead to serious ramifications. Although guests do have some responsibility to safeguard their property, the hotel can be to blame when their security failed or they did not respond in a timely manner to complaints about suspicious activity. If you were the victim of preventable hotel theft, you should talk with a lawyer. 

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