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What To Look For When Hiring An Attorney For A Wrongful Death Case in Arizona

When a loved one passes away, it’s an emotionally difficult time for the family. It’s even worse when the negligence of another person causes the death. Although it can’t bring your loved one back, filing a wrongful death suit against the person responsible for the negligence can help cover the expenses associated with the death. You might need to pay medical fees, funeral costs, and burial expenses. You may also be entitled to pain and suffering compensation and lost wages too.

An attorney can make this process easier. However, you should have a specialized attorney working on your case. In this case, a wrongful death attorney will be your best advocate.

You need to consider a few key attributes when searching for a competent attorney. These can include the attorney’s experience of working with wrongful death cases, how successful these cases have been, and reviews from past clients.

Here are several questions to ask and consider when you’re looking to hire a wrongful death attorney.

1. Does the Attorney Have Experience Working on Wrongful Death Cases?

You will not want an attorney who doesn’t have any experience with wrongful death cases. These lawsuits are particularly complex and will require an attorney with thorough knowledge of the legal proceedings. An attorney who isn’t privy to the complexities may be a hindrance rather than a help to your case.

Lawyers are knowledgeable about many different types of claims and lawsuits. Some may be well-versed in proving negligence in a vehicle accident. Others may primarily prove the negligence of businesses responsible for slip and fall accidents. Although both are negligence cases, proving either case may require completely different methods.

Depending on the cause of your wrongful death case, the attorney should be knowledgeable about that specific type of negligence. If not, your case may not be successful. You need an attorney who completely understands the circumstances surrounding the death and the negligence that caused it.

When looking to hire a wrongful death attorney, choose one who is not only knowledgeable but also has a track record of proving wrongful death suits.

2. Where Is the Attorney Located?

Each state has its own laws about wrongful death cases. Arizona is no exception. The civil codes vary by state, which is why you’ll want an attorney who works in the same state where you’re filing the claim. The attorney doesn’t necessarily have to reside in that state, but they must understand the intricacies of that state’s legal proceedings.

They may need to investigate locations or talk to witnesses, so their office should be close enough that they can carry out these tasks without issue. For instance, the attorneys of the Saavedra Law Firm reside in Phoenix, Arizona. We are well-equipped to handle wrongful death claims throughout Arizona because we are well-versed in the laws surrounding wrongful deaths within the state. Plus, we have an excellent history of success.

3. Has the Attorney Won Wrongful Death Lawsuits?

When it comes to hiring an attorney, having experience with wrongful death cases is not enough. They need to have helped others win their lawsuits.

Winning a case doesn‘t necessarily mean winning in a trial. Settling outside of court is often considered a success too. You should know how frequently the attorney wins cases by accepting settlements (pre-trial) as well as in court. The answer may influence your decision to work together.

An attorney with a high success rate has a greater chance of a positive outcome for your case. The attorney will likely have a vast understanding of wrongful death cases, including how to seek appropriate compensation to deliver results.

4. Does the Attorney Have Reviews?

Most attorneys will have online reviews. These may be on the attorney’s website or other sites like Google. For most people, high reviews mean the attorney is successful at handling cases.

It’s not only the stars or ranking you should consider. The comments left by past clients are vital. Past clients will often comment on how it felt to be represented by the attorney, how fast or simple the process was, and whether they’d recommend the attorney to others. In some instances, these wrongful death lawsuits may take several months or years to reach a conclusion.

You may want a communicative and considerate attorney with you during this lengthy process. Check if the attorney is pleasant to work with and will dedicate the appropriate amount of time to your case.

Also, you can check with friends or family who have also hired a wrongful death attorney. Although their recommendation might not suit your case, these attorneys might refer you to the right law firm.

5. What is the Attorney’s Strategy for Your Case?

After talking to a highly-rated attorney with experience working on wrongful death suits, you may want to hold off on immediately starting to work together. After discussing the specifics of your case, you should ask the attorney how they plan to proceed. Most attorneys offer a free consultation. During these meetings, you can ask questions about the legal proceedings of your case.

It’s crucial that attorneys have strong negotiation skills and are not afraid to fight. Wrongful death lawsuits are complex and often require a certain aggressiveness to obtain maximum compensation, especially for cases that may take several months to reach a conclusion.

However, keep in mind the best methods to gain the highest compensation for your case may not align with your values. It’s not personal, although it may feel that way to you. An experienced attorney is equipped with many tools to deliver results, and sometimes, that could conflict with your expected approach.

6. Who is in Charge of Your Case?

It’s not uncommon for your case to be given to a different attorney than the one with whom you initially spoke. Sometimes, junior attorneys will also work on the case to handle minor details. You will want to know exactly who and how many attorneys will be involved with your wrongful death case. You can also say who you’d like to lead your case if you have a specific attorney in mind.

At the Saavedra Law Firm, your case will be handled directly by our founding attorney, Freddy Saavedra, Esq.

Get a Free Consultation Before You Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney

Locating the right attorney for your case during this trying time can be difficult. However, it can be less stressful when you know what questions to ask and what answers to expect. You deserve the right attorney who has the best chance to deliver results for your case.

Call Saavedra Law Firm for a free consultation about your wrongful death case. When you hire a wrongful death attorney at our firm, you won’t have to pay anything unless we win your case.

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