Would Marijuana Legalization Increase the Number of Arizona Truck Accidents

Truck drivers must spend countless hours on the road. To be sure, these long hours on the road can get monotonous. Boredom can lead to drowsiness, which may require a truck driver pull over. Because truck drivers are paid per mile, it is in their best interest to travel as far as possible each day. Thus, to help pass the time and stay awake, many truck drivers take prescription or illegal drugs. However, when truck drivers use drugs, they significantly increase the chance of causing an Arizona truck accident.

The most common type of drug consumed by truck drivers is marijuana. In part, this is probably because it is the driver’s preferred drug even while not behind the wheel. However, marijuana is also popular among truck drivers because it can have the effect of creating euphoria, which helps to pass the time. However, even within an hour after smoking or ingesting marijuana, the effects of the drug start to wane, leaving the driver drowsy.

According to a recent news report, Arizona is considering a ballot initiative that would legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Currently, marijuana is only legal for medicinal purposes. However, under the new law, any adult over the age of 21 could purchase the drug for recreational use. Of course, the law contains restrictions on where people can smoke marijuana, and the current prohibitions against intoxicated driving will remain. However, this raises the question of whether the legalization of marijuana will result in more truck drivers using the drug while behind the wheel.

Legally, the new law does nothing to allow or encourage truck drivers to smoke marijuana while driving, and drugged driving will remain illegal. And those injured as a result of DUI truck accident retain the ability to recover for their injuries through an Arizona personal injury lawsuit. However, if marijuana is made legal, truck stops across the state may potentially carry marijuana products, making it easier for truck drivers to obtain the drug. Legalization may also raise a concern about when a truck driver is safe to get back behind the wheel after ingesting the drug.

The new law would allow employers to prohibit employees from using marijuana, and allows for employers to conduct drug tests to ensure an employee’s compliance. If the proposal passes, one would hope that trucking companies would be among the first to implement a strict zero-tolerance policy for truck driver marijuana use. In fact, an employer’s failure to ensure that their drivers are safe to be on the road may be the basis for an Arizona personal injury lawsuit.

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