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If a worker is injured on the job in Arizona, they should qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. The benefits they receive should cover all the medical expenses associated with treating their injury or job-related illness. They should also qualify for a percentage of their weekly wage if they are unable to work while they are recovering or can only work a limited number of hours. If the injury has left them with a permanent disability, they could also qualify for disability benefits and vocational training. If you have been injured at work, a workplace injury lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, can explain what types of benefits you may qualify for and assist you in obtaining those benefits.

What Type of Medical Benefits Are Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

An injury at work can range anywhere from minor to serious to catastrophic, depending on the circumstances of the injury. The more severe an injury, the more medical care the worker will need, and the higher the expenses will be. Even if an injured worker has health insurance, all medical expenses from a job-related injury or illness should be covered under their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance plan. But it is imperative that an injured worker seek out medical attention right away. As a Phoenix, AZ workplace injury lawyer can explain, even minor injuries should be documented by a medical professional in order to avoid a worker’s injury claim getting denied.

Some of the more common medical expenses that are covered under workers’ compensation insurance include:

  •       Emergency room visits
  •       Hospital stays
  •       Diagnostic testing
  •       Surgeries
  •       Rehabilitation
  •       Physical therapy
  •       Occupational therapy
  •       Mental health counseling
  •       Medication
  •       Medical equipment and devices
  •       Ongoing treatment

In addition to the expenses associated with medical treatment, an injured worker is also entitled to receive any costs that are associated with obtaining that treatment. For example, any travel expenses that the worker incurs are reimbursable. This may include mileage, gas, and taxi. Other medical expenses that may be covered are over-the-counter medications recommended by your doctor and other medical supplies (i.e., bandages, ice packs, etc.).

What If the Injury Leaves Permanent Damage?

If the injury you sustain leaves you with a permanent disability and unable to perform the duties required in order to do your job, you could qualify for either permanent total or partial disability, depending on how much of a disability you are left with. If the disability is partial and you are still able to work at some occupation but not your prior one, you may qualify for vocational counseling and training in order to be able to obtain future employment to earn a living.

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