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Road Construction Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Phoenix

When you find out you are eligible for road workers’ compensation, you might begin to wonder what that means exactly. While benefits vary from state to state and policy to policy, there are several benefits typical to most workers’ compensation policies. This includes medical care, rehabilitation, disability, and death. At Saavedra Law Firm, PLC, we have a professional road construction lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, who is ready to advise you concerning your compensation benefits and handle any case you want to file. Contact us today.

Medical Care Benefits

After a road construction injury, you’re likely going to see the medical bills come rolling in. Medical care can get pricey, so it will probably come as a relief to find out you qualify for workers’ compensation. Some of the medical care that could be compensated include doctor visits, surgeries, medication, hospital stays, pain therapy, and more.

Rehabilitation Benefits

Workers’ compensation rehabilitation benefits cover costs for therapeutic care such as physical therapy. You could also require therapy that will help you deal with the emotional effects of the injury, and that is included in rehabilitation benefits. Another type of rehabilitation includes learning the skills and abilities required to get back to work. If you have to learn an entirely new skill to perform an entirely new job, vocational rehabilitation is often also included.

Disability Benefits

When you’re injured or ill, you’ll typically miss work, and that compensation will fall under disability benefits. This includes:

  • Temporary total – This is coverage for the situation in which you can’t work right now, but you’ll likely recover to the point that you’ll work again in the future.
  • Temporary partial – This is coverage for the situation in which you can’t perform your regular work duties right now, but you can perform other work duties for the time being.
  • Permanent partial – This is coverage for the situation in which you are injured enough to have some permanent issues that will impair your ability to work.
  • Permanent total – This is coverage for the situation in which permanent damages impair your ability to return to your regular job. 

Death Benefits

Certain relatives may be entitled to death benefits if a worker dies due to a work-related injury or illness. Funeral and burial expenses might be included but lost wages, medical costs sustained after the accident and before the death, and a wide range of other damages could also be included.

Getting a Lawyer Involved

Any time you feel you don’t understand your insurance coverage, it can help to get a Road construction lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, involved. When you’re wondering about road workers’ compensation benefits, contact our road construction lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, at Saavedra Law Firm, PLC, who can help.

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