Woman Trained Dog to Attack – Charged with Assault

Should Someone Who Trained a Dog to Attack Be Charged With Assault? 

Woman Trained Dog to Attack - Charged with AssaultWhen it comes to training a dog, most people know that they want their dog to speak or bark, sit, rollover, and do fun tricks. However, what happens if a person trains a dog to attack on command? Is there ever a good reason? For most people, if they hear that their pet harmed someone or watched their pet attack someone, they would be horrified. In fact, it’s a nightmare. Many dogs may nip or bite someone who has gotten too close or continually gets in their space. However, this is different from someone training a dog to attack other people. 

Are dogs considered dangerous weapons? 

A person who assaults another person can go to prison for longer when they have a weapon on them (a knife, a gun, or even an innocuous item that could be used to inflict harm). When a person trains a dog to bite or attack, it is possible that the owner will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Because a person is intentionally training their dog to injure another person and because dogs can inflict such serious bodily harm that they kill someone, the owner may face criminal charges. 

When would someone face criminal assault charges?

Unfortunately, accidents happen and some dogs may bite or attack seemingly unprovoked. However, having an owner train their dog to physically harm another person is different. Someone who is caught after their dog attacks another person on command can face serious criminal charges. Some examples of why they may face assault charges are:

If you or a loved one were injured because a person commanded their dog to attack you, you should seek legal help as quickly as possible. Dogs can be vicious if they are trained to be and can cause injuries so severe that they lead to death. The person who trained their dog to be this way should be forced to pay the consequences. 

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