Why Are There So Many Wrong-Way Drivers in Arizona?

The Risk of Wrong-Way Drivers

Why Are There So Many Wrong-Way Drivers in Arizona?When a collision occurs, much of the time, the accident resulted from a driver engaging in behavior considered negligent. One type of motor vehicle accident that might happen is a collision resulting from a wrong-way driver. There’s nothing more terrifying than driving on a freeway or down a road to find a car driving into oncoming traffic. Knowing how to react to prevent an accident may be unclear. There are several reasons for wrong-way driving. The impact of a collision can be incredibly devastating, leaving significant damages. It will be essential to consider whether taking legal recourse with the assistance of a car accident lawyer is in your best interest, so you should contact a legal professional in Arizona as soon as possible. 

What To Do?

When driving down the road, no one expects that they will see a driver headed straight for them. The adrenaline will start pumping, and a sense of panic may begin to set in. You may have no way of avoiding a collision. Nothing is more terrifying than being in a crash that you have no way of protecting yourself from. Many people might find themselves unprepared with such a situation. Here are some tips should you find yourself facing a driver headed straight for you:

If you are lucky enough to avoid a wrong-way driver, call 911 as soon as possible. The last thing you want is for someone to face the fate that you were lucky enough to avoid. 

Reasons for Wrong-Way Driving

The fatality rate associated with a collision involving a wrong-way driver is much higher than a standard motor vehicle crash. It can be shocking to see a driver headed straight for oncoming traffic. Wrong-way drivers are far more common in Arizona than you may think. On heavily occupied roads, wrong-way drivers can impact multiple drivers on the road. Common reasons for why are there so many wrong-way drivers in Arizona include:

The impact of wrong-way driving, in most cases, is devastating. When two cars are headed towards each other at full speed, the injuries are sure to be substantial, even fatal, for example:

Crashes involving wrong-way drivers can result in injuries and even fatalities. The wake of such an accident can be devastating. Injuries can be debilitating and result in extensive damages. Damages that you should be able to recover if negligence was a factor in the accident. Be aware that Arizona car accident lawyers at the Saavedra Law Firm PLC are available and ready to help you by reviewing your case and assisting you in taking immediate action.  Call us today.

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