Underride Guards May Prevent Fatalities in Arizona Truck Accidents

Each year, there are many injuries and fatalities caused by Arizona underride trucking accidents. These extremely dangerous collisions occur when a passenger vehicle slides under the body of a tractor-trailer or “single-unit truck,” such as a delivery or dump truck. Due to the height difference between the vehicles, the car’s safety features are bypassed because the point of impact is not the front or rear bumper of the vehicle. Without these safety features to absorb the force of the collision, the passenger compartment can be crushed when it contacts the truck, potentially resulting in death or severe head and neck injuries for the occupants.

According to a recently released study by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO), an increase in the standards for both rear and side underride guards could help to reduce the number of fatalities each year from underride crashes. According to an industry news source discussing the GAO study, there has been an average of about 220 deaths each year from underride crashes in the United States. Additionally, that figure is likely lower than the actual number of deaths because of inconsistent reporting requirements across jurisdictions. Although rear underride guards are required under federal and state laws, the GAO recommends strengthening the requirements and better enforcement of the laws that already exist.

If a driver or passenger is injured or killed in an Arizona underride crash with a tractor-trailer or single-unit truck that is not equipped with an underride guard that is compliant with state or federal law, the injured party may be entitled to damages from the operator of the truck or insurance company that covers the vehicle. Commercial drivers and other operators of large vehicles owe the public a duty of care to keep their vehicles up to date with required safety equipment, including underride guards. Failure to maintain a safe vehicle may result in the truck operator being found negligent as a matter of law, whether or not the driver of the truck was technically at-fault for the accident in question. Victims of underride crashes, or any other Arizona truck accidents, should consult with a qualified accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss their rights and protect their right to recover damages.

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