Truck Accident Lawyer Maricopa County, AZ

Truck Accident Lawyer Maricopa County, AZ

Have you been injured in a truck accident? Did you suffer moderate to severe, or life-threatening injuries? Do you believe the driver of the truck or another party is to blame? If so, you should call a truck accident lawyer Maricopa County, AZ respects, such as the Saavedra Law Firm. 

Big trucks can weigh tens of thousands of pounds. When they collide with any object, the force of the impact can lead to catastrophic injuries. Most victims of a truck accident will suffer extensive injuries that will need months or years of treatment. Some will never fully recover, and sadly, a number of victims will lose their lives.

Truck Accidents Can Happen for a Number of Reasons

Truck drivers face an enormous amount of pressure from the truck company and their clients. From speeding and drowsy driving, to poor training or lack of maintenance, our truck accident lawyers in Maricopa County, AZ have handled a broad range of cases involving big rigs, construction trucks, company trucks, and more. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, please call us today. 

Recovering an Out of Court Settlement

In Arizona, approximately 95% of truck accident cases will reach a settlement before the case ever goes to court. In order to do so, a lawyer will need to prove each and every element of the case to the insurance company or defendant. For instance, a truck accident victim would need to demonstrate how the defendant driver of the truck (or another party) was responsible, as well as how the accident affected the life of the plaintiff. 

If a case is strong, and there is ample persuasive evidence, the insurance company might feel that they will lose a trial. Therefore, they will offer a settlement. A good Maricopa County, AZ truck accident lawyer should be ready to prove a case before it goes to court. He or she can also gather appropriate evidence, review the extent of losses, and push for a fair and just settlement during negotiations. 

Taking the Case to Court

In the remaining 5% of cases, there will be some kind of dispute about whether the defendant is truly liable. There could also be a disagreement over the extent of losses, the plaintiff’s medical care, or other reasons. When this happens, a case may need to be filed with the court. A separate legal process will also take place. Even after a case has been filed at the court, a settlement is not necessarily out of the question. Our firm has settled many cases on the steps of the courthouse, as we were going into a trial!

Keep in mind that most insurance companies do not want to take any case to trial because their odds of winning are not great. Very few jurors will side with the insurance company over an injured victim. 

Compensation You May Want to File For

Truck accidents are often more severe than any other type of vehicular accidents because of the sheer size of the vehicle involved. It is particularly bad if the other vehicle is much smaller and not a truck itself. This means that damage to the car and people inside can be much worse. If you or someone you care about was involved in a truck accident, you need to have a lawyer in your corner so that he or she can file for every type of compensation you may be eligible to receive. Some of this includes:

You will almost always recover more compensation when you have an experienced truck accident lawyer working for you. This is why it is so important to hire one for your case. 

You Should Have a Lawyer on Your Side 

When it comes to truck accidents, there are often notable defendants involved. For example large insurance firms, legal firms, and corporate truck companies. These parties may have a lot to lose, and you can expect them to put up a good fight. Because of this, it is highly recommended to turn to a leading truck accident lawyer in Maricopa County, AZ, such as the Saavedra Law Firm, PLC. Rest assured, we are on your side and ready to fight for your rights and interests. 

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Truck Accident Attorney Phoenix, AZAttorney Freddy Saavedra provides trustworthy, aggressive representation to accident victims. He handles cases related to motor vehicle collisions, slips and falls, dog bites, and other accidents. Attorney Saavedra also brings wrongful death claims on behalf of families who have suffered the loss of a loved one in an accident.

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