Social Security Attorney Phoenix, AZ

Social Security Attorney Phoenix, AZ

If a serious injury or medical condition keeps you from working and living the life you are accustomed to, you could benefit from hiring an experienced Social Security Disability attorney. The Saavedra Law Firm, founded by Freddy Saavedra, is eager to assist with any Social Security Disability claims, referrals, or appeals.

Help for Getting and Keeping SSA Disability Benefits

Your future can be extremely uncertain if you become seriously ill or injured and can’t work. You are probably worried about what tomorrow will bring your way. How will you support you and your family? How will you pay your bills? 

The Social Security Administration (SSA) Disability program was designed for people like you. Indeed, millions of people apply for and receive monthly benefits that help them and their families to survive.

But, if you think that SSA Disability is your solution, you also need to know that not everyone who applies is granted benefits. Unfortunately, as many as two-thirds of all first-time applications are denied. And, once denied, you may give up and face a challenging financial future.

Types of Social Security Disability Benefits

There are two main types of SSA Disability benefits available to every American. They include

► Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): This is for those disabled people who once worked and paid Social Security taxes. Your monthly benefit from SSDI is calculated by reviewing your earnings before becoming disabled. Plus, former workers are also typically entitled to receive Medicare insurance coverage after they have gotten two years of benefits.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI): This is a disability program for a blind or disabled child or adult. It is based on financial need. You must prove that your income and resources are limited to qualify. Your monthly benefit is based on your need.

Our Experienced Team is Here to Help

Whether you need help getting the documentation right with your initial application, have been denied after applying, or are facing an upcoming Social Security Administration disability hearing, we have the experience and knowledge to stand by your side and support you every step of the way.

Our Social Security Administration (SSA) Disability legal team can provide you with:

  • Time and attention to detail: Our compassionate legal team will review the details of your case and help you decide how to proceed.
  • Peace of mind: You can feel calm and rest assured that we understand that dealing with your illness or disability is enough for you to handle. We offer legal assistance to ensure that complicated paperwork is completed correctly and efficiently. We’ll also ensure that no deadlines are missed.
  • A trusted partner in the process: We strive to research and collect all the essential medical evidence you need to bring your case to a favorable resolution. We’ll also represent you in court, if necessary. Our efforts intend to increase your chances of success significantly.

Call a Professional and Get Results

Your chances of success increase considerably with legal assistance. A Social Security Administration disability lawyer can work to ensure that you receive the highest benefit amount possible.

We have helped many others like you with compassion, personal attention, experience, and affordability. Please contact us to schedule your free initial consultation.


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