Why You Should Call the Police in a Minor Car Accident

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If you were in a minor fender bender, no one was injured, and there was minimal damage, you might think that it’s simply not worthwhile to call the police. However, there are a few reasons why having law enforcement present at the crash site can benefit you and others involved. A single car accident lawyer Phoenix, AZ can help you go through your car accident case stress free.

Things Might be Worse Than They Look

Injuries to you and your car can often happen beneath the surface. Though they may seem superficial or nonexistent at the scene of the crash, you may begin to feel severe symptoms in a couple of days, or your car may malfunction a few hundred miles down the road. Having police documents on the accident can be helpful if you need to get compensation. 

Your Insurance Company Might Require Police Documents

Your car insurance company might require a police report before they will take any further action. It is always beneficial to read through the insurance policy so that you know what they expect, but generally, it is best to have police documents just in case. 

The Police Can Settle Disputes

If there’s any doubt about who’s at fault in a minor fender bender, a police investigation can often help settle the dispute and shed light on the cause of the crash. Police documents are also particularly helpful when it comes to dealing with the other driver. It’s hard to determine who is being honest at an accident site. The other driver may behave nicely at the scene, only to turn around and cast blame on you after the fact. Having a police report can help your lawyers and insurance companies to keep the facts straight and see through the lies. 

Sometimes it is Legally Required

Many states require you by law to call the police in even a mild accident. Failure to do so could put you in some serious trouble. 

Your Lawyer Might Want Police Documents

There’s a very strong chance your single car accident lawyer Phoenix, AZ will want a police report of the accident, especially if there was damage to you or to your car that showed up over the next few days. Police documents on the accident contain evidence that can help your lawyer settle things in your favor. 

The benefits of calling law enforcement to the site of a minor car accident far outweigh the inconveniences, especially if you need to take legal action. Having all of the facts recorded can save you time and trouble, and can assist your single car accident lawyer Phoenix, AZ in getting you the compensation you deserve. At Saavedra Law Firm, PLC our single car accident lawyer Phoenix, AZ is ready to help you. Contact us today.


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