What is a Sideswipe Accident?

Side Swipe Accident lawyer Phoenix, AZA sideswipe accident is a collision between two vehicles that are traveling in the same direction where the right side of one vehicle impacts with the left side of the other. These collisions typically occur because one of the two vehicles involved moved out of the lane it was traveling in when it was unsafe to do so. These collisions can be extremely dangerous, especially when they occur on highways at high speeds, because neither vehicle is typically aware that the collision is about to occur and, therefore, they are both unprepared. The surprise of the impact can cause the impacted vehicles to lose control or overcompensate while trying to maintain control. This can easily lead to a chain of events where the vehicles swerve from their lanes and impact other vehicles, guardrails, or objects or even slam on the brakes resulting in a rear-end collision. At Saavedra Law Firm, PLC, we have a professional side swipe accident lawyer Phoenix, AZ who can handle your case in Phoenix, AZ.

What Can I Do If I’m Hit By a Cab Driver in a Side Swipe Accident?

Being involved in a side swipe accident with a cab driver doesn’t make your situation too unique when it comes to the legal point of view. The outcome of your claim could be affected, however, because cab drivers are likely to fight harder to protect their livelihoods. If you are injured in an accident caused by a cab driver, as you contact a Side Swipe Accident lawyer Phoenix, AZ, what else can you do?

Contact the Police

Just like any other type of automobile accident, you can and should call the police after the incident occurs. If anyone is injured, be sure you notify the dispatcher so proper help can be sent your way. When a police officer arrives on the scene, he or she will generally make a visual assessment of what occurred. Witnesses will likely be interviewed, and you will probably need to make a statement as well. 

The police officer will compile a report about the accident. You can ask the officer for a copy of the report at the scene of your accident, but in most cases, you will need to acquire the report at a later time by contacting your local courthouse or police station.

Care for Your Injuries

If you don’t care for your injuries, you won’t be in the best physical condition to fight for compensation. There’s a statute of limitations that limits the amount of time you have to file a claim, but you do have some time, so be sure to seek medical care first. Sometimes this means taking an ambulance to the hospital immediately following your accident, and sometimes it means following up with your regular physician a couple of days later. In any case, take care of yourself so you have the strength to handle your claim. 

Collect Evidence of Fault

To make your case against the cab driver, you’ll need to collect evidence of fault. This is often easy to achieve with the assistance of the police report that was made, but you should do some of your own sleuthing as well. Look for traffic cameras that could have recorded the accident. Contact witnesses to see if anyone took photos or a video. If you are competent at the scene of the accident, take photos of the accident, the surrounding area, your injuries and the damage done to your car.

Contact a Lawyer

Being in a side swipe accident can put a serious wrench in your day. When you are hit by a cab driver, you can almost always expect a good fight. Contact our Side Swipe Accident lawyer Phoenix, AZ at Saavedra Law Firm, PLC to help you make your case.

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