Posted on:May 10, 2020

Serious Semi-Truck Rollover Blocks Traffic on I-10 in Chandler

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An Arizona semi-truck accident recently left one person hospitalized and blocked traffic on Interstate 10 near Ray Road in Chandler. According to local news reports, a single unit box truck rolled over on top of a smaller car and blocked westbound traffic on Interstate 10 for several hours. The news report states that at least one person was trapped in their vehicle as a result of the crash, rescue crews were dispatched to the scene to release the smaller vehicle from under the large truck and extract the injured occupant, who was taken to the hospital by ambulance with undisclosed injuries. Local news reports do not mention the cause of the accident, but it is likely that the truck driver failed to maintain proper control of their vehi cle, causing the truck to tip over onto the smaller car.

Accidents involving large commercial vehicles and semi-trucks result in hundreds of injuries and deaths on Arizona roads each year. According to the most recent statistics compiled by the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were 1044 injuries and 16 deaths on Arizona roads in accidents involving semi-trucks or other large commercial/industrial vehicles. Most of the injuries and deaths that occur in Arizona tractor-trailer accidents are suffered by occupants of smaller vehicles who are struck by a larger and more powerful truck. As a result, Arizona drivers should exercise caution when driving around semi-trucks and other large vehicles, as accidents involving trucks are especially dangerous.

Semi-truck accidents can be caused by a variety of factors that are not necessarily applicable to other vehicles. For example, semi-truck drivers are often paid by the mile. This compensation structure encourages truckers to drive as fast as possible, for as many hours as they can each day. State and federal regulations require commercial and industrial drivers to drive reasonable hours and get an adequate amount of rest between driving shifts, although some drivers fail to follow the regulations and drive fatigued as a result. Not surprisingly, fatigued driving is a major cause of Arizona truck accidents. Large trucks can also be more difficult to control and maneuver on roads that are designed primarily with smaller vehicles in mind. However, the responsibility to safely operate a truck always rests with the driver, regardless of the road conditions. If drivers are not adequately trained to operate the larger trucks properly, they may cause an accident resulting in serious injuries. Anyone injured in an accident with a semi-truck should seek out legal advice to protect their rights.

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