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Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Phoenix, AZ

Car accidents are a pain, and when your accident involves a semi truck, it can be a much more confusing and overwhelming process – unless you contact a semi truck accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ.

How Different is a Semi Truck Accident?

You might be a familiar with car accidents – they happen every day, and chances are you’ve been involved in one before, whether it was a minor fender-bender or something a little more intense. We think about car accidents a lot, but every case is different, so it can be difficult to be fully prepared when the time comes. And of course, some accidents can be very serious, so remembering what to do after an accident can be especially difficult.

If you’ve been involved in a semi truck accident, or you just want to be prepared, read on to see learn how truck accidents can be different than ordinary car accidents.

What Should I Do if I’ve Been Involved in a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents can be overwhelming, so it’s important to keep yourself calm. Despite the (big) difference between vehicles, the process is very similar to an ordinary car accident: You’ll want to pull over and stop safely if possible, and make sure everyone’s safe. If anyone needs medical attention, call for help immediately.

After the initial accident, and once you’ve made sure everyone is safe and receiving the medical care they need, you should take photos of everything and document the accident as best as possible. If there were any witnesses, get their contact information so you can reach out to them later. Collect information from all the involved parties, and double check to make sure you have everyone’s insurance information.

Insurance is the key difference in a truck accident. In an “ordinary” car accident, the two parties provide their own insurance, but if a semi truck is involved it gets a little more complicated. Some truck drivers are independent contractors and pay for their own insurance, while others are part of a fleet, in which case the trucking company will foot the bill through their insurance.

The Tip of the Iceberg

Getting through a semi truck accident is just the start of what is typically a long and frustrating process. If you were injured, you’ll have to focus on recovering. If your car was damaged, you’ll have to focus on repairs. And on top of all this, you’ll have to deal with insurance, and insurance companies might try to delay your payment for as long as possible so they can collect additional money on interest.

It’s a complicated process, but you shouldn’t be too discouraged. If you’ve been involved in a semi truck accident, you shouldn’t have to pay for anything out of pocket, and a qualified semi truck accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, can make sure of it.

Contacting a Semi Truck Lawyer

Truck accidents can be complicated, especially negotiating with insurance companies to make sure you get the right compensation. Fortunately, a semi truck lawyer can do the fighting for you: they can keep tabs on insurance companies to make sure they aren’t delaying your payment, and they can keep you informed about the legal process behind filing a truck accident claim.

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, chances are you’ve got plenty of things to worry about. You shouldn’t have to worry about paying bills – you should be worrying about your recovery. A good semi truck lawyer is as dedicated to your recovery as you are, and that’s where Freddy Saavedra comes in.

Reach Out to Freddy Saavedra for a Free Consultation

Freddy Saavedra is an accomplished semi truck accident lawyer that serves the Phoenix area with commitment and pride. If you’re looking for a truck accident lawyer, you need to be sure the legal help you receive is motivated by a real dedication to you as a client, and that’s the Freddy Saavedra difference.

Freddy Saavedra offers personalized case management, rather than cookie-cutter solutions to your claim. He’ll also walk you through the complicated legal process that comes with a truck accident claim, while investigating your accident thoroughly to determine whether any other parties can be held accountable for your accident.

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, don’t miss a cent of your compensation. Get in touch with a qualified semi truck accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, and reach out to Freddy Saavedra today.

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