Posted on:May 07, 2020

Recent Arizona Truck Crash Illustrates the Dangers of Chain Reaction Accidents

HomeBlogRecent Arizona Truck Crash Illustrates the Dangers of Chain Reaction Accidents

Sometimes, Arizona truck accidents can have serious implications beyond the two colliding vehicles involved. When two vehicles collide, the occupants of the vehicles are likely to be injured, but unfortunately, the crash could also cause a chain reaction and cause additional harm to a much larger group of people. All of the individuals injured, whether in the initial accident or the chain reactions caused by the crash, may be able to hold an at-fault party responsible through a civil lawsuit. Thus, drivers should be as careful as possible.

For an example of how a chain reaction accident can occur, take the serious crash that happened in Phoenix at the intersection of Seventh Street and Broadway Road earlier this month. According to a local news report covering the accident, a Chevrolet SUV and a semi-truck collided at the intersection early on the morning in question. While this crash would have been bad on its own, it also resulted in the semi-truck being pushed into another vehicle—a parked pickup truck. Then, the semi-truck’s fuel tank ruptured and leaked fuel all over the street.

Two incredibly dangerous things happened as a result of the first crash – the collision with the pickup truck and the spilling of the fuel. While the pickup truck was luckily unoccupied, it very well could have been occupied, causing major injuries or even death to the occupants. Additionally, the rupturing of the semi-truck’s fuel tank caused fuel to be spread all over the street, which is also very dangerous. Semi-trucks generally use diesel fuel, which is slick and can create traffic problems or even additional crashes on the road. Diesel fuel is also highly flammable and the fires are particularly difficult to put out, and so spilled fuel on the street is a serious fire hazard.

When an individual is injured in a chain-reaction truck accident, they may believe that they have no one to hold responsible because they were injured through a chain of events, and not directly by the negligence of one party. However, Arizona law allows these victims to file a negligence suit against all potentially at-fault individuals, providing that they can prove that the individual’s action was the proximate cause of their injuries. Proving proximate cause may seem straightforward, but can sometimes become complicated, and so potential plaintiffs are advised to consult with a personal injury attorney about their case.

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