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police excessive force lawyer Phoenix, AZIf you plan on filing a claim for a personal injury caused by a police excessive force, it is typically in your best interest to hire an experienced police excessive force lawyer in Phoenix, AZ. At Saavedra Law Firm, PLC, our lawyers are professionals and will hold your hand in all cases. While you might believe your claim is undeniable, the insurance company will not feel the same. An insurer does not want to pay you damages. Sure, filing a lawsuit demonstrates your intent and that you will not go away without a fight, but hiring a lawyer says so much more.

Lawyers Present a Threat

Hiring a lawyer says you will not throw in the towel or accept a lowball offer because a lawyer represents legal prowess. You see, when an average civilian goes up against an insurance company, it pressures them with a legal team and talks of the complex legal system, often making statements like, “isn’t some money now better than no money later,” to get people to give up.

Our  personal injury lawyer in Phoenix, AZ specializing in police excessive force understands the game, and they know what your claim is worth. When you hire a professional, you are asking them to take the reins, acknowledging you do not know enough to argue an effective case.

Insurance companies and their legal teams know that a plaintiff with a lawyer is more of a threat than one without. While the insurer might not be quick to settle, clients with lawyers tend to negotiate a fair settlement successfully.

Lawyers Ensure Rules Are Followed

Without a police excessive force lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, it is not uncommon for insurance companies and their representatives to stretch the rules. For example, an insurance agent might show up to your home or hospital room to offer a settlement. Or, the insurer might try high-pressure tactics by investigating you and interviewing friends and family.

You must remember, no insurance company wants to pay a settlement. It is in the company’s best interest to try and reduce their liability exposure by finding inconsistencies in your story and claim.

Lawyers Protect Against Recklessness

It is human nature to share stories, but talking about your accident can put your entire claim at risk. Your lawyer will help you protect your claim by encouraging you to stay off social media and not to discuss the accident, your injuries, or the case.

While a police excessive force lawyer Phoenix, AZ is not always necessary, any time you plan on going to court, it is likely in your best interest to hire a lawyer. Contact our police excessive force lawyer to discuss your claim and possible next steps.

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