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slip and fall lawyer Peoria, AZSlip and fall accidents might be premises for a premises liability claim in Arizona. Learn if you have a case and how to recuperate damages for your injury by contacting Saavedra Law Firm, PLC.

If you slip and fall on somebody else’s home, you may have a legitimate insurance coverage claim or injury lawsuit versus the owner of the residential or commercial property. This is because property owners are required to keep their property reasonably safe. In Arizona, the most common slip and fall cases happen in business buildings like grocery stores and stores.

This article looks at slip and fall statistics, what you need to show in order to be compensated for a slip and fall, and some typical defenses to slip and fall claims.

There are all sorts of variables that may lead to a slip and fall mishap. Some common causes include:

Despite how a slip and fall accident takes place, it can lead to serious injuries. Some of the most common injuries connected with slip and falls include:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 out of every 5 falls leads to a serious injury, such as a broken bone or head injury. Falls are likewise the most common cause of distressing brain injury.

@CDCgov says 1 out of every 5 falls leads to a major injury. In addition to the serious health repercussions, falls can be extremely expensive. According to the CDC, approximately $50 billion annually is spent treating falls in the United States. The average health center costs per fall is simply over $30,000, and the cost of treatment normally goes up with age.

Developing fault in Arizona slip and fall cases

Slip and fall claims are generally neglect claims. This suggests that in order to develop liability for your slip and fall injury, you’ll have to prove 4 components:

When it concerns slip and fall cases, the focus of litigation is usually on the responsibility the defendant owed and whether the offender breached that duty. If you need to learn more about this topic the slip and fall lawyers in Peoria, Arizona working at Saavedra Law Firm, PLC can help you.

Arizona property owners should take particular measures to make sure that their residential or commercial property is safe for visitors. The measures that an owner should take depend upon the status of the visitor.

Visitors are divided into 3 categories:

Can You File a Slip and Fall Claim?

In many cases, establishments are required to adhere to certain standards of care to ensure people are not injured on their property. However, accidents can happen, often due to negligence. If you’ve been involved in a slip and fall, a slip and fall lawyer in Peoria, AZ may be able to help you seek compensation from the liable property. First, you should understand how slip and fall cases work.

Common Slip and Fall Cases

Typically, the basis of a slip and fall case is negligence. If you can prove that the owner of the premises was irresponsible or did not uphold the required standard of care to ensure that visitors are safe on their property, you may have a case. Additionally, you must also show that such negligence directly led to an injury that you sustained. A slip and fall case can start from something as simple as an icy sidewalk or a wet floor, but such conditions can lead to serious injuries such as spinal injuries or brain trauma. If you’re unsure whether or not your case qualifies, a slip and fall lawyer in Peoria, AZ can help you.

Different Types of Visitors

The type of visitor you are can change your case type. For example, if you are an invitee, you are on the premises for business-related activity, usually as a customer. Businesses are held to a higher standard of care, making them more liable. You are a licensee in most social situations, and the owner of the property should make you aware of any potential hazard. If you’re trespassing, you are liable for your own injuries and cannot pursue a slip and fall case. The only exception to that rule is if the trespasser is a child. In that case, the parents could try to file a claim with a slip and fall lawyer in Peoria, AZ. If you’ve been injured while on the job, you would instead file for worker’s compensation.

Settlements and Trials

Slip and fall cases rarely go to trial. Often, filing a lawsuit with a slip and fall lawyer in Peoria, AZ will result in a settlement outside the court system. These settlements serve to compensate you for your injuries in order to cover any associated losses so long as you waive the right to file another claim. In many cases, reaching a settlement outside of court might be the best option for both parties, but you should discuss things with your lawyer before making any decisions.

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