Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Maricopa County, AZ

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Maricopa County, AZIf you are an injured pedestrian and believe the negligent actions of another party caused your harm, please call a pedestrian accident lawyer Maricopa County, AZ residents trust. With these types of accidents, the injuries tend to be severe, if not deadly. 

Saavedra Law Firm, a leading law firm, focuses on personal injury law, which includes pedestrian injury cases. When you choose us to be your legal advocate, you can feel confident in knowing we will begin your case right away. It will be our goal to recover the best possible settlement in a timely manner. For questions or a case review, call a Maricopa County, Arizona pedestrian accident lawyer. 

Primary Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Most pedestrian accidents involve a vehicle driven by someone who is not paying attention or willingly violating traffic laws. A pedestrian accident claim can be filed when reckless or negligent actions lead to a pedestrian being injured. Some of the most common reasons for a pedestrian to be injured include:

When You Have Been Hit By A Company Car

Company cars, also known as business or commercial vehicles, are often involved in a pedestrian accident. While they commonly occur in cities, they can also happen in neighborhoods, suburbs, and small communities. Because of the increase in internet purchase deliveries, as well as food delivery services, pedestrian accidents involving a company-owned vehicle are on the rise. 

As a pedestrian accident lawyer in Maricopa County, AZ, we, at Saavedra Law Firm, have handled cases involving:

We know that these drivers tend to be rated by the speed of their delivery. Unfortunately, this can put pedestrians at a risk for being injured. When a company car, or car being driven by someone who is working for one of the companies above (or other), causes harm to a pedestrian, the company itself can be liable. In this case it would be in your best interest to reach out to a pedestrian accident lawyer in Maricopa County, AZ.

What is a Pedestrian Accident Case Worth?

There is no average settlement for pedestrian accident cases. As a Maricopa County, Arizona pedestrian accident lawyer might explain to you, most cases are determined by the insurance policy limits of the negligent party, as well as any other limits of other possible coverage. All claims are inherently unique and will involve various factors. The amount of your settlement will depend on your injuries, their permanency, the lengthy and type of your treatment, how they have affected your life, and so forth. Rest assured our pedestrian accident lawyers in Maricopa County, AZ will investigate all potential sources of coverage to ensure you recover maximum damages. 

For a consultation with a pedestrian accident lawyer in Maricopa County, AZ, please call Saavedra Law Firm, PLC.

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