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motorcycle accident lawyer Peoria AZ

One of the many great things about living in Arizona is the good weather, which allows residents and visitors to the state to enjoy many different types of activities year-round. Both that weather and the overall beauty of the state are a definite plus for motorcycle enthusiasts. Unfortunately, this also means a higher rate of motorcycle accidents and fatalities. Each year, more than 150 victims are killed in motorcycle accidents in this state, with thousands more suffering serious to catastrophic injuries. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer Peoria, AZ victims trust advocating for you and making sure you receive the financial compensation you may be entitled to for your injuries.

Motorcycle Safety

There is no doubt, based on motorcycle sales and state registration statistics that motorcycles have become more popular over the past several years. Whether a person is a new motorcycle rider and owner, or they have been riding for years and purchased a new bike, it is critical for anyone riding a motorcycle to get to know that vehicle before they take off on the open roads. The more comfortable a rider is with their bike, the better their chances are of avoiding a motorcycle accident.

A Peoria, AZ motorcycle accident lawyer knows that safety advocates recommend that bike owners spend time with the vehicle – either in the garage or in the driveway – before actually taking it out riding. A bike owner should make sure they should be comfortable with the brake, clutch, and shifter controls. The owner should also make sure they are familiar with the placement of lights, turn signal controls, radio settings, and any other settings before taking the bike out. Even if the bike is not new but it has been a while since riding, the owner should reacquaint themselves with it first.

Another pre-ride “test” a motorcyclist should do is go through some “drills” before heading out. Practice slow-speed maneuvers and braking in an open area. And even with a new bike, riders should get in the habit of always checking the bike’s tires, oil, lights, controls, and side stand before using the bike.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries Are Always Serious

There are a number of reasons why people love riding motorcycles. Maybe you love the freedom of the open road. Perhaps you love the feeling of the wind going through your hair. Unfortunately, you do not have a lot of protection if you are involved in a motorcycle accident. That is why you should reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Peoria, AZ, such as an attorney with the Saavedra Law Firm, PLC, who can help you. What are a few examples of injuries you might suffer in a motorcycle accident?

Road Rash

One of the most common injuries that people suffer in a motorcycle accident is called road rash. This happens when you slide across the pavement at high speed. If your skin makes contact with the pavement, you could suffer cuts, scrapes, and bruises across a large percentage of your body. This can dramatically increase your chances of suffering an infection, which is why you need to visit a doctor as soon as possible following a motorcycle accident.

Degloving Injuries

It is also possible for you to suffer a degloving injury in a motorcycle accident. This happens if a fragment of your skin is caught on the pavement. Then, as you slide across the pavement, you could lose that entire portion of your skin. For example, if you get a finger caught on the pavement, you could strip the skin off of that entire finger. There are situations where this injury could require a skin graft. After seeing a doctor, do not forget to see a motorcycle accident lawyer in Peoria, AZ. 

Head Injuries

Finally, there is also a chance you could suffer a head injury in a motorcycle accident. Because you do not have any protection between you and the pavement, you need to make sure you wear a helmet every time you ride a motorcycle. Make sure the helmet fits you, and ensure it can stand up to a significant impact. Wearing a helmet could save your life in the event of a motorcycle accident 

Call a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

In the end, there are countless injuries you may suffer in a motorcycle accident. Always seek the care of a medical professional if you are involved in a collision. Then, reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Peoria, AZ, such as an attorney with the Saavedra Law Firm, PLC, who can make sure your rights are protected. 

When You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Peoria, AZ

Unfortunately, no matter how safe of a motorcycle driver you are, there is always the risk of a vehicle driver or other motorcyclists who do not practice safe driving. If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, you are likely facing a long recovery, high medical bills, and missed time from work. The physical and financial losses can be overwhelming. This is why you need a skilled Peoria, AZ motorcycle accident lawyer from the Saavedra Law Firm, PLC. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation and find out how we can help.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Riding on a motorcycle on a warm and sunny day can be exciting and fun. However, it can also be dangerous. Here are some common causes of motorcycle accidents a motorcycle accident lawyer in Peoria, AZ sees:

No matter what caused your accident, if there was negligence on the part of another person, you may be entitled to compensation. You need to speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to try to get compensated for all of the expenses you have and will incur because of the event. 

Injuries Sustained in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are often more dangerous than other vehicle crashes because of the lack of protection people get while on a motorcycle. It can be especially detrimental if the motorcycle accident involved another vehicle on the road. Some of the most common accidents include: 

Any kind of injury you sustain in a motorcycle accident needs to be treated. No matter how good you may feel after being in an accident, you need your primary care physician to take a look at your injuries to write documentation in case you need this for a court case in the future. You deserve to be compensated for all of the bills you may incur because of the accident. This is one of many reasons you need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. 

Six Myths About Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents Are Always Caused by the Rider

According to a study done at the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research, 60% of the time, another motorist is at fault for accidents involving motorcyclists. There’s a bias where motorists don’t expect to see motorcycles, so they don’t see motorcycles when they’re there. If you’ve been in a crash caused by another motorist, call a motorcycle accident lawyer in Peoria, AZ.

It’s Dangerous To Wear Motorcycle Helmets

This is simply not true. Motorcycle helmets save lives and reduce the incidence of brain damage. Some people think wearing a helmet limits vision and hearing, neither of which is the case. Other people believe a helmet increases the risk of neck or spine injuries due to the weight of the helmet, which is also untrue.

Motorcycle Riders Are All Reckless 

Motorcycle riders are no more reckless than anybody else on the road. There’s a bias that exists, where motorcyclists are portrayed in popular media as gang members or thugs. Most motorcyclists are ordinary people who just happen to enjoy riding. They obey traffic laws and aim to get home in the same number of pieces as when they left. If you do wind up in an accident, reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Peoria, AZ, at Saavedra Law Firm, PLC for help.

Novice Riders Should Ride Big Motorcycles

Not necessarily. Every motorcyclist is going to have a preference for the type of motorcycle they prefer riding. Some will prefer larger motorcycles for their stability and control. Others will gravitate to smaller, more maneuverable motorcycles. It’s all a matter of personal choice.

It’s Acceptable To Split Lanes While Riding

Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist rides down the center line on the road, between two lanes of cars. It’s a controversial practice, and as of 2021, is only legal in California. Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Oregon and Texas are all considering legislation to make lane splitting legal there. Even if you were illegally lane splitting in Arizona, you could still recover damages from the other driver involved in your accident. Contact a Saavedra Law Firm, PLC motorcycle accident lawyer in Peoria, AZ, to see if you have a case.

You Can Prevent Crash Injuries by Falling Over on Purpose

This myth became popular after several movie motorcyclists successfully avoided crashing by laying their motorcycles over on their side and slid across the road, sometimes even making it under a moving semi truck. However, in reality, if you have time to lay your bike down, you have time to take other measures to avoid the collision — methods that won’t result in you injuring yourself at all.

6 Myths About Motorcycle Accidents Infographic


6 Myths About Motorcycle Accidents Infographic

The Do’s and Don’ts: Tips for Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycling is certainly popular in Arizona, with over 180,000 motorcycles registered in the state. This number grows every day, which is why it’s increasingly important to practice safe driving habits. Here are some important do’s and don’ts to protect you while driving your motorcycle.

Do Wear a Helmet and Gear

Wearing a helmet together with other gear, including a leather jacket, riding pants, boots and non-slip gloves, greatly reduces your risk of serious or fatal injuries in an accident. If an accident does occur and you are injured, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Peoria, AZ can help you get the financial compensation you may be owed.

Do Check the Weather

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Motorcycles offer less visibility and traction than a passenger vehicle in hazardous weather such as ice, snow or rain. In these weather conditions, it is likely a good idea to skip the ride.

Do Keep a Safe Distance

The distance between you and other vehicles on the road can significantly impact the outcome in an emergency situation. Having room to stop, escape to the shoulder, or make other defensive moves is a crucial safety step. You should try to remain at least four seconds away from the vehicle leading in front of you at all times.

Don’t Get Distracted

Road hazards such as debris, potholes, animals and railroad crossings are much more dangerous to motorcyclists than other drivers. It’s important to stay alert and drive defensively. You should also remember that other drivers may not be paying close enough attention, and mistakes on their part can ultimately cause you pain and suffering in an accident. A trusted motorcycle accident lawyer in Peoria, AZ like Saavedra Law Firm, PLC should be one of your first calls if you are injured in an accident.

Don’t Skip Your Checks

It can be tempting to jump right onto the open road, especially if your motorcycle is new, but it’s always a smart idea to inspect your motorcycle first before you ride. A quick inspection of your lights, turn signals, tire pressure, fluid levels and horn can protect you from a dangerous situation later on the road.

Don’t Go Unnoticed

The majority of motorcycle accidents are caused when other drivers cannot see the motorcycles. Clothing that is bright or reflective, turn signals and your headlights (even during the day) can help make you more visible to other drivers.

Despite all precautions, unfortunately safety is never a guarantee as a motorcycle accident lawyer in Peoria, AZ can attest. The lawyers at Saavedra Law Firm, PLC are dedicated to helping injured motorcyclists get the compensation they may be entitled to when accidents occur.

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