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Mistakes in a Personal Injury Claim 

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury claim consists of a lot of elements. There are a lot of documents to fill out, facts to gather, and other complex tasks. When you need to build a claim, you need to make sure that you do not make mistakes, which can weaken your claim and cause you to lose compensation that you could be entitled to. Here are some mistakes that you should know to avoid if you are filing a personal injury claim. 

Waiting Too Long

If you have been hurt in any kind of accident, explore your legal options right away. It doesn’t matter if you believe that you have a valid case or not, it is up to a personal injury lawyer to determine that. There is limited time to file a case, and in many states it is only one to two years. It takes a lot of time to talk to the involved parties, gather information and document the evidence to build your claim.

Not Reporting the Accident

You should report the accident to an authority such as a manager, property owner or law enforcement official. If you were injured after slipping on water in a grocery store, you should notify the manager and submit a report so that the company has an official record. Otherwise, if you don’t submit a report and decide to file a claim later on, the insurance company may not believe you. In some cases, it may also be necessary to notify the police about the accident, such as if you were injured in a car accident

Not Getting Medical Help Right Away 

Always make sure that you get medical attention after any kind of accident. As a personal injury lawyer like one at Ward & Ward Law Firm can tell you, failing to receive medical attention can cause the insurance company to question your claim. They can use that as an excuse to dismiss it because you didn’t take the time to see a doctor. In addition, medical records are powerful pieces of evidence that you should include. 

Accepting the First Settlement Offer

Be wary of any settlement offer that you receive from the insurance company. They do not work in your interests, and they may try to give you a lower offer than you deserve so that you do not continue forward with your claim. Have a lawyer review any offer first before accepting it. 

You can count on a lawyer like one at Ward & Ward Law Firm to advocate for your rights. Schedule a consultation now if you are in need of legal assistance with a personal injury claim.