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When you think of personal injury accidents, you may think of car crashes. While auto accidents are the most common type of personal injury, there are many other types of personal injury to consider. Boating accidents, bicycle crashes, school and daycare injuries, dog bites, slips and falls, and criminal activities also fall under the realm of personal injury.

These incidents can cause significant injuries. A person can suffer broken bones, head trauma, back and neck injuries, internal injuries, amputations, disability, pain and suffering, and more. These injuries may heal quickly, or they may be long-term or even permanent in nature. 

Make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. This means determining liability. The Maricopa County personal injury lawyers at Saavedra Law Firm can assist you with your claim.

Dog Bites

Dog bites can be serious in nature. While anyone can be a victim of an attack, children and the elderly are most likely to be victims. Dog bites can cause deep lacerations, making victims susceptible to scarring, disfigurement, and infections. 

Arizona law imposes strict liability on dog owners when their dog bites someone or causes other injuries. The dog owner is liable even if the dog attack was not necessarily their fault or if they did not have prior knowledge of the dog’s viciousness. This means that dogs do not get one free bite, which is the case in many states. 

Premises Liability

In Arizona, property owners have an obligation to keep their property reasonably safe for visitors. A person who is injured as a result of a dangerous property condition due to someone else’s negligence can recover compensation through a premises liability lawsuit. Types of premises liability incidents include dangerous dogs, inadequate security, poor lighting, broken locks, holes in floors, unwashed floors, damaged stairs, potholes in parking lots, cracked sidewalks, unstable objects, defective furniture, and malfunctioning elevators or escalators. Injuries on playgrounds or in swimming pools may also fall under premises liability. 

Product Liability

We expect the items we buy to be safe for their intended use, but this does not always happen. Many types of consumer products can be defective, causing injuries or even death. Common defective products include motor vehicles, boats, food, medicine, cosmetics, environmental products, children’s toys, cleaning products, household appliances, industrial equipment, and machinery. To recover compensation, a product must fall under one of these categories — defective design, defective manufacturing, or failure to provide adequate warning labels.

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While some injuries are minor, some are more severe in nature. They can take time to heal. You may be dealing with various expenses as a result.

Get the help you need from the Maricopa County personal injury lawyers at Saavedra Law Firm.  We will protect your legal rights as we guide you through the process. Call (602) 878-6625 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation with our office today.

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