Posted on:Nov 19, 2021

Legal Options for Injured Workers

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The trusted Arizona team at Saavedra Law Firm, PLC has extensive experience handling both workers’ compensation claims and personal injury claims. We understand just how significantly a work-related injury can impact an individual’s life and a family’s wellbeing. As a result, we treat these cases with the utmost respect, urgency, and attention to detail.

Legal Options for Injured Workers

Once our firm’s Peoria, AZ personal injury lawyer and support team evaluates the details of your case, we’ll be able to tell you whether you’re in a position to file a workers’ compensation claim, a personal injury claim, or both. Generally speaking, if you’re classified as a full-time or part-time employee, you are likely eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in the event of a work-related injury or occupational illness. These benefits are awarded regardless of fault, with very few exceptions. By contrast, personal injury claims are filed when a person, corporation, or other legal entity has directly contributed to the cause of an individual’s injuries due to the offending party’s negligent, reckless, or intentionally dangerous actions or inactions. Employees eligible for workers’ compensation benefits may not sue their employers in the wake of suffering work-related harm, but may sue other responsible parties as appropriate.

If you have been injured while engaging in work-related activities, it is important to meet – as quickly as you possibly can – with the experienced Peoria, AZ personal injury lawyer team at Saavedra Law Firm, PLC in order to learn about your rights and options under the law. Why is it so critical to act quickly if you’ve been injured while working? Work injuries are unique in that they may render individuals eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, a personal injury award, or both kinds of compensation. One of these opportunities for recourse is particularly time-sensitive. This means that, if you don’t act fast, you could lose the ability to receive compensation to which you’d be otherwise entitled.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have not yet scheduled a consultation with the experienced Arizona legal team at Saavedra Law Firm, PLC, please call or connect with us online today. Unlike other kinds of personal injury matters, cases involving work injuries are so time sensitive that if you do not act within a matter of weeks after your injury occurs, some of your legal and financial remedies may no longer be available to you. Connecting with our team as proactively as possible will help us to clarify your rights as an injury victim, preserve your legal options, and assist you with obtaining the full value of the claim or claims that you are entitled to file at this time.

Sustaining an injury at work can be devastating – but it is critical that you understand that you don’t have to navigate the aftermath of your injurious circumstances alone. Our firm’s trusted Peoria, AZ personal injury lawyer and support team are here to help; we look forward to speaking with you.

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