How to Know if You Have a Personal Injury Case

So you’ve been in an auto accident, your body is in pain you have never felt before, your vehicle is damaged, and you are going to be out of work for who knows how long. There is a possibility that you have a personal injury case. If you are not at fault, and decide that you want to be compensated for these damages, you are able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party. You must, however, know and understand that the accident cannot be any fault of your own, you should be a victim of a personal injury, and what was lost or harmed can be remedied by money.

Although all these things may be true, it is the job of insurance adjusters to payout as little as possible to another party for insurance claims. They do not want to give away money, no matter if their insured was at fault. Personal injuries do not stop at a physical injury; these are also mental, and emotional injuries. Along with the need for an injury, you must not have caused the personal injury to yourself. If someone else’s carelessness caused this injury they are held liable. Drivers have a duty to drive carefully on shared roads, if they fail to do so and cause an injury to another party they are responsible for damages. 

While it is best to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney, not every case is brought to the courtroom. In most cases, insurance companies settle before going to court to avoid the possibility of owing more money, as someone who is considered one of the best personal injury lawyers in Atlanta, GA, like one at The Lynch Law Group, can explain. So while you may not need an attorney to appear in court, you will need a knowledgeable attorney that is able to negotiate on your behalf. Medical bills, bodily harm, emotional pain and suffering, and anything that has been affected due to this accident, such as loss of income, can be compensated.

If you believe you or a loved one has suffered from a personal injury, speak with an experienced personal injury immediately. The longer you wait, the less time you may have to file a claim. Personal injury claims typically must be filed within two years of the incident, and although you may not feel or see pain immediately, it is likely that you have suffered. Do not wait to seek medical attention and speak with an attorney that will be able to dissect your case and tell you what you need to do to get back to your normal self.