How to Choose a PR Media Company

If you are thinking about hiring a public relationships media company, there are some tips that you may want to take into account. The process of finding and hiring a PR agency might appear simple, however, it can be challenging to narrow down the right one. You may feel overwhelmed at all the options available to you on the internet, and just are not sure how to decide which are the best. Here we have provided tips that can help you feel confident when you finally do arrive at the correct choice!

Decide What Your Goals Are

It is advisable to define your goals before getting in too deep about retaining a public relations media company. Taking time to identify what you see for your company is a crucial step, so when looking for a consultant, you have already decided what you are hoping to achieve. Just a few examples of goals to think about in relation to your brand are specific products, overall message, and target audience. 

An Extension of Your Team

Think about hiring a PR company as an extension of your team, and not just an agency or third party. While the agency may have several clients, they should always make you feel like you are the priority and the only focus when their time is yours. View it as recruiting members to join and support your efforts, and not just your typical company-client relationship. 

Listen During Pitch Meetings

A public relationships media company that is invested in you, will have done their research and arrive at the pitch meeting already prepared. They will do a presentation on a handful of PR campaign ideas based on the requirements you have shared with them. Of course, not every idea is going to be perfect, however, at least one of the campaigns they pitch should excite you! 

Understand the Contract

After deciding on which PR media agency you want to hire, the next step will be finalizing and signing the contract. Review the document carefully and line-by-line, and with a lawyer if possible, so that you understand the terms for duration, team, hours, and cost. Your new PR team should not make you feel like something is off about the contract, and they should be open to reasonable negotiation. A team that comes off as being profit-focused and not considering your best interest should not be the agency that you hire. 

There is so much to consider when choosing a PR media team. You want professionals who are organized, timely, informative, supportive, and excited about your brand too! A PR team that doesn’t get inspired by your brand is probably not the one for you. Hopefully, these tips listed above can give you some insight into the process, helping you make a wise choice. If you think you are ready to hire a PR media company, then reach out to an agency near you for a consultation.