How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Handle My DUI Case? 

When you are considering filing a car accident claim as a DUI victim, you may have some concerns. Treating accident injuries can be costly, and many victims need financial help to pay for them. Insurance companies may not be on your side, as they often want to pay the least amount of money possible, even if your vehicle suffered extensive damage. A lawyer needs to obtain as much information as possible so they can determine what your losses are and pursue the individual responsible. Here is how they can help you with your case.

Explain the Law

Understanding how laws apply to your case can be hard, so if you need assistance a lawyer will be able to help. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level that can warrant a DUI charge varies widely from state to state, as a car accident lawyer like one from Ward & Ward Law Firm can explain. DUI cases can be incredibly sophisticated, and with so much at stake it is recommended to hire a lawyer who can give you quality legal advice. 

Provide Legal Help

If you were injured in a DUI accident, meeting a car accident lawyer is highly encouraged so that you can recover your losses. A lawyer will be able to negotiate with the insurance company and fight for a fair compensation amount that will be enough to cover your property damages. They can explain the penalties for DUI, which depend on many factors, such as whether the driver had a prior conviction and how high their BAC was over the legal limit. You are much more likely to secure the outcome that you need with a dependable lawyer. 

Answer Your Questions

A car accident lawyer can answer any of your questions regarding the case in detail. Asking the right questions can help you gain clarity about your case. A consultation only typically lasts an hour, so you don’t want to waste precious time. Write down your questions and discuss them with the lawyer so that all of your concerns will be addressed. In case you forget a topic, you can just refer to your notes.

Talk to a car accident lawyer if you have been injured due to the actions of an impaired driver, and they will work to gather the evidence necessary to file a valid claim against them. With the help of a car accident lawyer, you can go through the claims process smoothly. Schedule a consultation now to receive legal assistance.