Governor Ducey Announces the Institute for Automated Mobility

The Governor of Arizona Creates the Institute for Automated Mobility

Governor Ducey Announces the Institute for Automated MobilityA pioneer among states, Arizona has shown how much they believe technology is our future when Governor Ducey announced the Institute for Automated Mobility (IAM). While many people may look at this and think that automated cars are a pipe dream or that this kind of technology may not be helpful (or that it is only the stuff of Sci-Fi movies), the aim of this institute is to pour research into the safety and capabilities of autonomous vehicles. The more we utilize research and test features, the better—and safer—autonomous vehicles will be when put into use. IAM is not a singular research project; instead, some of the smartest people in the government, academia, and even private industry are working toward bettering our future through the use of autonomous vehicles. 

How can these types of vehicles help maintain safety on the road?

There are many ways that autonomous vehicles can help people on the road. Some of these are:

How can these types of vehicles be more efficient for everyday use?

Most people understand the pain that comes with sitting in traffic. Maybe you’re rushing to get to work or to your dentist appointment. Autonomous vehicles can help get you to your destination more efficiently than you may be able to, however. Many autonomous vehicles have the capability to work with other vehicles and even traffic management technology to learn traffic patterns and weather conditions, driving you a safer and more efficient route. Autonomous vehicles are also more energy-efficient than the typical car, in part because of their reduced volume. 

How do we get more of these safe and efficient cars on the road?

That is precisely what Governor Ducey wants to do by having a simulation lab where they can test this technology before ever putting it on the road. Emerging technology like this must be tested consistently and given the opportunity to work and make enhancements that can keep passengers and others on the road safe. As with any automated technology, those behind the development must perfect the product before allowing it on the road, which is exactly what the Institute for Automated Mobility is for. For more information, contact us today at the Saavedra Law Firm.

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