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Examples of Workers Compensation Claims

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Workers compensation is a program where those who have been hurt or become ill while on the job can receive benefits for medical expenses and other losses. Sometimes, a lawyer is hired by an injured worker, so they have protection and someone advocating for their best interest as the claim is being processed. When employees sustain an injury, it is not cost-effective for the employer to deal with. Employers who are particularly profit-driven, may go out of their way to mishandle, deny, or minimize their employee’s injury claim.

As an injured worker, is it imperative that you understand your rights in filing a workers compensation claim after getting hurt. If you feel like your employer is being careless with your claim, then you may want to recruit help from a lawyer before the matter escalates.

Compensation claims can vary based on the circumstances of the incident, however, there are a series of accidents that tend to be most common in the workplace. Here are some common examples of workers compensation claims: 

Slip and Falls

If your workplace is an environment that tends to have slippery flooring or debri on the ground, then your employer must take reasonable actions to ensure the safety of employees. Your employer may do so by providing steel reinforced or non-slip footwear, gloves, and placing warning signs near more hazardous areas. But, despite your boss’s best efforts, a slip and fall accident can still happen.

Even though your employer took steps to reduce the risk of falls, this doesn’t mean that you cannot file a workers compensation claim. Your employer may have set forth safety guidelines with the best of intentions and an injury event still occurred.

When something falls from a higher level above you, it can cause serious injury to your head, neck, spine, shoulders, face, and extremities. This type of incident is more prevalent in the construction field, when roofing and flooring is loose and materials tend to be sprawled out around the area. Objects as light as a light bulb or heavy as concrete can cause serious enough injuries that require immediate medical attention.

Workplace Violence

Workplace violence can happen between coworkers, or a member of the public and workers. Jobs such as law enforcement, security guards, nurses, and health care aides are most vulnerable to workplace violence simply due to the nature of the job.

If you were hurt by a coworker, patient, or member of the public, then you must report it to your employer right away so you can get the medical attention you need. Your employer should then follow up with the incident by providing you with a workers compensation claim to fill out. 

It is not required that you obtain a lawyer when filing a workers compensation claim, however, having someone with legal insight can be very useful during this time. Your lawyer can make sure that you are being treated fairly, are not wrongfully denied benefits, advocate for your behalf, negotiate with insurance, and more. If you need help for a workers comp claim, consider talking with a work accident attorney Phoenix, AZ trusts for guidance. Call the Saavedra Law Firm today.

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