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When your loved one needs to live in an assisted care facility, the last thing you think you’d need is an elder abuse lawyer in Peoria, Arizona. Unfortunately, elder abuse is a real danger for our older relatives, and even though they deserve the best care possible, it’s not always the case – no matter how shiny and clean their nursing home looks on the surface.

If you want your older relatives to live in comfort and safety during their twilight years, it’s important to keep an eye out for any signs of elder abuse. This means making sure they have everything they need for a good stay in a nursing home, and also knowing the signs that might hint at an abusive environment. Nobody deserves to be abused, and an elder abuse lawyer in Peoria, AZ can help you and your loved one get the justice you deserve.

Know the signs of elder abuse:

The signs of nursing home abuse are varied and difficult to notice sometimes – but in other cases they’re hiding in plain sight. If your loved one has suddenly exhibited sudden mood swings, they might be suffering at the hands of uncaring or neglectful staff. Adjusting to a new living environment is challenging for anyone, but lengthy bouts of depression or anger can imply something much more sinister under the surface.

In addition to mood swings, you should be on the lookout for any odd or unexplainable injuries. If your relative was less likely to have accidents before he or she moved into their nursing home, but is suddenly experiencing slips and falls, you should try to get some one-on-one time with your loved one immediately to learn the truth about their injuries. They could be having difficulty getting used to their new home, or they could be being abused.

There are many different types of nursing home abuse, and your loved one should never have to suffer through any of it. Some forms of nursing home abuse are more physical: This can include unreasonable restraints, slapping, and even sexual abuse. Physical abuse can lead to serious injury and death. On the other hand, other forms of elder abuse are more emotional or psychological: Your loved one may be neglected and malnourished thanks to an uncaring staff, and they may be isolated from other residents. As with physical abuse, this mental and emotional abuse can also result in death.

Don’t hesitate – contact Attorney Freddy Saavedra today.

Nursing home abuse is heartbreaking, and by taking legal action you and your loved one can get the compensation you deserve for any and all mistreatment at the hands of uncaring staff. If you find out that your loved one is being abused by staff at their assisted care facility, you may feel overwhelmed: Betrayed, ashamed, and above all – angry. Fortunately, a qualified elder abuse lawyer can help you channel these emotions into a successful lawsuit, and you can take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else ever again.

If you suspect your elderly relative is being abused, don’t hesitate to work closely with Attorney Freddy Saavedra to investigate your case and get financial compensation. Contact us today and see how an elder abuse lawyer in Peoria, AZ can help you and your loved one finally get justice.

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