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Common Road Hazards in Arizona

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Car accidents are often caused by the negligence of other drivers, but sometimes crashes can occur when you are the only vehicle on the road. Road debris, animals, and weather conditions can all cause accidents, especially if you are not prepared for them. 

Arizona has its share of unique road hazards. Here is a look at some of them so you can be prepared the next time you get behind the wheel. 

Weather Conditions

Arizona is known for extreme weather. While the state is known for being extremely hot, it is also home to other weather conditions that can throw you for a loop while on the road. Dust storms are an example. In the summer, dust storms can make the area super thick, making it hard to see in front of you. 

The good news is that if you are alert, you can spot a dust storm in the distance. Once you see dirt and dust start flying around, your best bet is to pull over and wait it out. Turn on your and wait for the storm to pass. You can resume driving once you have at least 300 feet of visibility.

Monsoons can also occur in the summer. These can cause sudden flooding, so avoid crossing flooded roads. If you get stuck, exit your vehicle and look for higher ground. 

Poor Road Conditions and Maintenance

Local, state, and federal governments have a legal duty to fill potholes and maintain roads as needed. Hitting a pothole or driving on loose asphalt can cause a lot of damage to a vehicle (including flat tires) and even cause you to lose control. A lack of signage or poorly maintained traffic signals can also cause problems. When poor road conditions damage your vehicle and cause crashes, the appropriate government agency can be held liable. They can be considered negligent for failing to properly maintain roadways to protect motorists. 


Arizona sees a lot of animal collisions from June to October as animals seek cooler weather. It is not uncommon for deer, antelope, elk, and bears to cross rural roads. Cows, horses, and other livestock and pets may also be seen crossing roads. Hitting these large animals can cause a lot of damage to a vehicle. It is best to obey the speed limit and pay attention to the shoulders of roadways, especially during the summer months. For larger animals in the road, it may be safer to swerve and avoid the animal. For smaller animals, though, avoid swerving. Instead, stay in your lane and firmly brake.

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It is important to always be alert while driving. Even if you have driven on a certain road thousands of times, you never know when a road hazard might pop up and cause you to take some sort of evasive action. 

Affected by a road hazard? The Arizona car accident attorneys at Saavedra Law Firm can help you get full compensation for all the damages you have suffered. To schedule a consultation, fill out the online form or call (602) 753-8917.

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