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6 Signs That You Need a Wrongful Death Lawyer

Many people think that wrongful death cases are only for the rich or famous, but this is not true. All families deserve to be compensated for their loss and to be taken care of financially when a loved one dies due to someone else’s negligence. If you are unsure if your loved one’s death was

Children Who Suffer Injuries at School

Personal Injury Lawyer Children go to school to learn and socialize with their friends. They likely don’t expect to get hurt. Unfortunately, there are several risks at school that can injure children. As a parent, the idea of your child suffering an injury at school can be scary to imagine. However, it can happen, and

Common Misconceptions About Pedestrian Accidents

Personal Injury Lawyer Many pedestrians are injured in accidents every year in Arizona. Whether the accident is due to distracted driving or speeding, pedestrians can sustain serious injuries because they don’t have the protection of a vehicle. These types of accidents are also frequently misunderstood. Here are some common misconceptions about pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians Are

Common Office-Related Work Injuries

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer At first, it might not seem like you could get hurt working an office job. After all, there is no heavy machinery and you spend most of your day sitting. However, even though offices may be considered safer working environments than factories and construction zones, you can still sustain injuries. Here are

How to Avoid a Car Accident in Construction Zones

Car Accident Lawyer Regular road construction is needed to maintain good and safe roads throughout Arizona. Unfortunately, construction can also increase the risk of car accidents. Many people suffer injuries in car crashes every year due to road construction. However, you can take steps to stay safe. Here are some tips for avoiding a car

Wrongful Death Damages You Can Recover

One of the first questions that the family members of wrongful death victims have for lawyers concerns damages. Having an accurate list of damages is crucial. While there is an overlap between both general personal injury cases and wrongful death cases, victims of wrongful death claims can file additional types of damages. Some of the


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