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Fatal Semi-Truck Accident Near Arizona State Line

Last month a semi-truck heading through the Arizona and New Mexico state-line crossed into a median and flipped over. According to a local news report, the accident resulted in chain-reaction, and two additional semi-trucks crashed into the flipped truck. Tragically, several people suffered severe injuries, and one person died. Reports indicate that this accident is

Underride Guards May Prevent Fatalities in Arizona Truck Accidents

Each year, there are many injuries and fatalities caused by Arizona underride trucking accidents. These extremely dangerous collisions occur when a passenger vehicle slides under the body of a tractor-trailer or “single-unit truck,” such as a delivery or dump truck. Due to the height difference between the vehicles, the car’s safety features are bypassed because

Recent Arizona Truck Crash Illustrates the Dangers of Chain Reaction Accidents

Sometimes, Arizona truck accidents can have serious implications beyond the two colliding vehicles involved. When two vehicles collide, the occupants of the vehicles are likely to be injured, but unfortunately, the crash could also cause a chain reaction and cause additional harm to a much larger group of people. All of the individuals injured, whether


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