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Everyone gets tired behind the wheel at some point, but tiredness behind the wheel can be a dangerous combination – all the more reason to reach out to a driver fatigue lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona. Driver fatigue causes countless accidents every year, and even though it’s completely preventable, people still convince themselves it’s a good idea to keep driving despite their drowsiness.

We all have our tricks to stay awake. We’ll crank up the radio or open a window for some fresh air. But these tricks aren’t failsafe, and in some cases, they can actually lull us into a false sense of security and increase the likelihood of an accident. Instead of stopping for coffee, it’s safer to be aware of the warning signs of driver fatigue so you can effectively prevent any car accidents.

What Causes Driver Fatigue?

At its most basic definition, driver fatigue is driving while tired. This is most often due to a lack of sleep, but it can also be caused by overexerting yourself throughout the day, whether at work or anywhere else. Driver fatigue only gets worse if you’re dealing with a long, boring drive or a monotonous commute.

Getting behind the wheel when you’re too tired is almost as dangerous as getting behind the wheel when you’re drunk. If you’re tired and behind the wheel, you’re unsafe – and so is everyone else on the road. If any of the following sounds familiar, it might be time to pull over and let someone else take over – or at least take a nap somewhere safe.

Warning Signs of Driver Fatigue

If you’re driving and you’re exhausted, your control starts slipping. Swerving or drifting across lanes is a major red flag and can cause serious head-on accidents. In addition to swerving, you could also lose your short-term memory. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering where the last couple of miles went, you were probably too fatigued to be driving.

In addition to swerving and a lack of awareness, you could also experience slowed reflexes, and you might also start making reckless decisions behind the wheel. Driving requires your full attention, no matter what kind of fancy safety equipment or driving aids your car might have. To avoid driving while exhausted (and a potential phone call to a driver fatigue lawyer in Phoenix, AZ), take these steps to keep yourself safe:

Preventing Driver Fatigue

One of the most obvious and simplest ways of avoiding driver fatigue is to make sure you get enough sleep before you drive. Unfortunately, for most people, getting enough sleep isn’t that easy. Many people suffer from insomnia or work long hours, so what else can they do?

Driver fatigue can be prevented with a proper diet and avoiding certain types of medications that only make drowsiness worse. In extreme cases, you could find a place to grab some shuteye – anything is better than getting yourself involved in an accident.

Car Accident? Attorney Freddy Saavedra Can Help.

Driver fatigue can result in serious car accidents. If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by fatigue, don’t hesitate to reach out to legal help so you can get the compensation you deserve. Contact Attorney Freddy Saavedra today, and see how a driver fatigue lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, can help you.

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