Car Accident Lawyer Peoria, AZ

Car Accident Lawyer Peoria, AZ

Before you speak with insurance claims adjusters in the wake of an auto accident, speak with an experienced car accident lawyer Peoria, AZ residents trust at Saavedra Law Firm, PLC. You may not yet have all the facts about your accident and anything you say that could be interpreted as assuming the blame for your collision could be used as an excuse to deny you a fair settlement. In the event that another motorist involved in the accident was affected by any of the “Four Ds” or was otherwise negligent or reckless in their driving behavior, you may be entitled to sue them for damages related to the injuries and property damage you sustained in the crash.

How do I prove who was at fault for my car accident?
In the aftermath of a serious car accident that results in injuries, it’s not unusual for the person who caused it to deny that they’re responsible for paying the damages. Even their insurance carrier may deny liability because they do not want to pay out a costly claim. And the more costly the damages, the more likely these scenarios are to occur. Our team at Saavedra Law Firm, PLC focuses on cases of this nature, and they are all too common in Arizona.

However, the law is on the side of victims and once proof of liability is made available to those concerned, the victims can expect to get the compensation they deserve. We can help you get the maximum settlement possible. Call us without delay to speak with a respected lawyer to learn more. 

Our Car Accident Lawyer Gets Results
Proof of liability is essential in order to get compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. Having focused on liability and personal injury law for many years, our team knows how to build a compelling claim. In many instances, it is necessary to provide proof of liability and documentation of a client’s damages.

Without both, it is very likely the claim will be denied, or in the best case scenario, a paltry settlement will be offered by the insurance company. To avoid these scenarios, it’s often necessary to hire a skilled lawyer such as one from our law firm, to build and submit the claim, then follow it up with a tough negotiating stance.

What is considered compelling proof of liability?
As an Arizona car accident lawyer in Peoria knows very well, the more evidence the better when it comes to building a strong claim. Should the claim be denied and the client decides to escalate the matter to a lawsuit, the same evidence may be used in court. Therefore, it’s important to get it right the first time and put in the necessary due diligence. A lawyer can do this on your behalf so that you can focus on recovering from your injury.

Here are two types of evidence that can help establish proof of liability:

1. The accident report from the responding law enforcement officer. The officer will take into account all available evidence at the accident scene. They will interview the drivers involved (if possible, at the scene, or else later if they were taken to the hospital), witnesses, and anyone else who may have relevant information to offer. 

With a copy of the police report, your lawyer can gain critical insight into what happened. The witnesses can also be interviewed by your lawyer and their testimony included in your claim. If the claim is escalated to a lawsuit, your lawyer can subpoena their testimony and call them to the witness stand.

2. The damage to the vehicles involved can provide physical evidence. It may reveal if it was a rear end collision and which driver was the offender. Skid marks, damaged road signs, and other evidence may also be documented by your lawyer as appropriate.

If You’ve Been Injured by a Drunk, Drugged, Drowsy, or Distracted Driver
Many of the “everyday” car accidents that occur on American roads are caused (at least in part) by drivers who are affected by behavior known as “The Four Ds.” These drivers are distracted, drowsy, drunk, and/or drugged as a result of either medication or illicit substances. It isn’t always easy to know whether other drivers who were involved in your accident were affected by any of the Four Ds at the time of your crash. That’s where we come in.

Our firm has experience dealing with all kinds of auto accidents. We know how to obtain the evidence we need to determine what really happened and who was to blame for the harm that was caused by the collision in question. You don’t have to know “what happened” for sure to explore your legal options. Our firm’s experienced team can help to uncover the truth and advise you of your legal options accordingly.

Legal Assistance Is Available
No two car accidents unfold in the exact same way. It’s important to remember that when it comes to auto accidents, things aren’t always as they seem. Even if you believe that you may have been at-fault for your accident, you may not truly know what factors led to injuries and property damage until you’ve spoken with the experienced Arizona legal team at Saavedra Law Firm, PLC. Oftentimes, it comes to light that even if one driver was briefly distracted, the other driver involved in the accident was far more distracted, drowsy, drunk, high, enraged, or engaged in other conduct that contributed to the crash in question far more than the driver who was distracted for an instant.

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Try not to make too many assumptions about the relative strengths and weaknesses of your case until you’ve spoken with our firm. Similarly, try not to admit any blame before we’re had a chance to assess the situation and wait to return calls from insurance claims adjusters until we can speak with them on your behalf. Assuming and admitting blame now can compromise your ability to obtain the maximum amount of compensation to which you’re entitled.

Our firm is here to help. Please connect with our team’s experienced Peoria, AZ car accident lawyer now; we look forward to speaking with you. Call the Saavedra Law Firm, PLC today.


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$1 Million Motorcycle Accident Trucking Accident Wrongful Death - Recovered for the statutory beneficiaries of a motorcyclist killed by a negligent commercial truck driver. The driver of the commercial vehicle was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol and completely liable for causing the collision that resulted in the death.
$700,000 Motorcycle Accident - Recovered for a motorcyclist who suffered a partial degloving of his left arm and a fractured femur. The accident was caused by a motorist driving under the influence of alcohol who initially fled the scene of the accident. The at fault driver was found 100% liable for the victim's injuries.
$248,000 Trucking Accident - Recovered for accident victim who suffered a fractured ankle caused by a negligent truck driver. The at fault driver was driving a commercial vehicle and was found completely liable. The victim's ankle surgery following the accident was not completely successful and she required follow up care and an additional surgery. The at fault driver was found liable for the injuries sustained by the victim, including the second surgery and follow up care.

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