Breaking Down the Wrongful Death Lawyer Costs

Breaking Down the Wrongful Death Lawyer Costs

Dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one can be devastating. On top of the grief, you have costs associated with the individual’s death that may range from funeral costs to lost wages due to your own grieving process and even legal fees. Before filing a claim you will need to understand the costs associated and whether such fees make sense with your budget. If your loved one died due to another person’s negligence, you may have a wrongful death claim, and a personal injury lawyer can help fight on your behalf. You can enlist the services from our friends as Stuart Law

Contingency Fees

No one prepares for the death of a loved one to occur due to someone’s negligence as such a situation is hardly expected. Odds are you do not have money saved up to file a claim against the individual or entity responsible. You are not alone when it comes to worrying about lawyer affordability. You may be surprised to hear that wrongful death lawyer fees are built around the fact that most people don’t have the money upfront after the death of a loved one.

Most wrongful death lawyers ask for a contingency fee. A contingency fee agreement means the lawyer will not collect payment until you receive your settlement. If you do not reach a settlement or lose your claim, the lawyer does not receive compensation. Generally, lawyers ask for about 30% of your payment. The costs may vary based on each lawyer and circumstance and it’s best to ask the lawyer upfront as well as double-check their written agreement. Make sure you understand the lawyer’s contingency fee agreement in advance for better planning. 

Court Costs

While you do not have to pay your lawyer the fee unless you receive a settlement, you generally do have to pay for other court costs. The prices associated with filing a claim and taking it to trial include:

  • Filing fees
  • Expert witness fees
  • Trial exhibits
  • Medical records
  • Postage fees
  • Police reports

Lawyers have different rules regarding these court costs. For example, lawyers may bill you as the expenses occur. Others, however, may deduct the expenses after winning the case. It can be challenging to estimate the total cost of a wrongful death case. Shorter cases tend to be less expensive than longer ones. If you have any worries about the court fees, you can talk to your lawyer in advance. He or she may have ideas about how you can properly calculate and estimate the costs.

If your loved one died due to someone else’s negligence, then you may have a claim to pursue. If you’re worried about the cost of the lawyer, setting up a free consultation in advance with a wrongful death or personal injury lawyer is the way to go. He or she can determine whether you have a case worth pursuing and may be able to estimate the cost of filing a lawsuit versus the cost of your potential settlement. Our friends at Stuart Law have plenty of personal injury lawyers available that can help you discuss various options and fight on your behalf.