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Are Punitive Damages Recoverable In A Wrongful Death Claim?

HomeBlogAre Punitive Damages Recoverable In A Wrongful Death Claim?

When you are looking at damages in a wrongful death case typically are two broad categories that are going to be defined by two distinct time periods available for the case. The first category is going to permit you to recover damages that were experienced by the deceased from the moment of the neglected act that caused their death until the time of their death. So an example is in the case of a car accident this would cover the time from the occurrence of the car crash until the deceased person died from their accident injuries.

And sometimes people take weeks and months to die after an accident, and as long as injuries are what led to their death, this category would cover all of the time in between their accident until the time of their death. Particular damages in this category are medical expenses, the deceased person’s mental or physical pain and suffering, lost wages, and of course funeral and burial expenses.

The second category is can encumber damages to the family that was left behind because the next of kin do experience a loss after somebody has died, especially if financially the decedent was the person who supported you. There are various laws of various states that indicate how these damages are to be given out, and some states even have something in place for you to receive funding for the loss of consortium where you are deprived of your loved one’s relationship and companionship.

You should speak to a wrongful death lawyer in Glendale AZ about your case because they are going to be able to help you figure out what damages you may be awarded on who can file the claim. Your wrongful death lawyer is going to have an extensive understanding of the laws in Arizona and how those laws affect wrongful death laws on a federal level.

Who can be awarded damages in a wrongful death case?

Once it has been determined what types of damages are going to be awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit the court is going to look at many different factors surrounding the decedent and their relationship to the surviving family members. This is going to help the court decide who to award the money to. Typically wrongful death damages may be awarded to spouses, children, and the parents of the decedent.

If you are worried about you the court may award damages to you should talk to your lawyer about it.

Wrongful death law is not something a lot of people find themselves dealing with very often, however a personal injury lawyer can help you find a wrongful death lawyer in Glendale AZ such as the ones available is Saavedra Law Firm PLC if you need one. Personal injury cases can become wrongful death cases, and because you may not have dealt with a wrongful death case before, let’s talk about what wrongful death cases are and some of the most commonly asked questions.

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