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Airbag Accident Lawyer Phoenix, AZOur airbag accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, knows that many people may have heard of injuries from airbags, but many never really give it a second thought. That is until they have been in an accident that has resulted in damages from an airbag. The truth is, injuries from airbags are pretty common, and depending upon the nature of the accident, legal action with the help of Saavedra Law Firm, PLC, may be necessary. If you believe someone else was at fault for the accident or your injuries were sustained from a defective airbag, calling our firm for a consultation is a perfect place to pursue your case. 

Airbag Accidents

Airbags are safety devices that come standard in vehicles. When an accident occurs, these airbags are deployed in an effort to soften the blow when faced with a collision, thus avoiding severe injuries. While injuries may result when an airbag deploys correctly or fails to do its job or is defective, damages may be substantial. Common types of injuries from airbags include:

These injuries can be utterly devastating and, in some cases, fatal. Medical care will likely be imperative to ensuring injuries are appropriately treated. 

Defective Airbags

While airbags are integral to safety when a collision occurs when an airbag malfunctions, our Phoenix, Arizona accident lawyer can share that victims may have the opportunity to take legal action against the party responsible. Common airbag problems include:

If you or a loved one has suffered damages in an accident involving a defective airbag, you could be facing more than one responsible party. 

Scheduling a Complimentary Consultation

If you have suffered damages and are unsure whether legal recourse is available, scheduling a complimentary consultation can be the appropriate place to start. Many law firms offer consultations free of charge, so those where cost may be a deterrent can have their case reviewed by a professional. This allows victims the opportunity to find a lawyer who feels like the right fit for their needs and law firms to assess whether their prospective client has a case. While this is undoubtedly beneficial, be aware that these consultations are time-limited, and you will want to maximize the time you have with a professional. You can do this by carefully preparing for your consultation with any evidence proving your claim and a list of questions you may have. 

At Saavedra Law Firm, PLC, our team has seen the impact accidents have had on victims, which is why we are passionate about helping our clients receive the support, guidance, and compensation they deserve. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how our Phoenix, AZ airbag accident lawyer can help you. 


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