Posted on:Jun 08, 2020

3 Important Legal Business Relationships to Build

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When it comes to hiring an attorney, you should know that you typically are not just getting a lawyer. Instead, the lawyer has a whole team of people that they may work with to ensure that you have the proper evidence and information necessary to win your case. When a lawyer works on your case, they will consult with many different types of experts so that they can provide the court with accurate information. This means it is important to work with an attorney who understands the value of building and maintaining these relationships. So, you may be asking yourself: which legal relationships are important to build for an attorney?

Important Legal Relationships to Build

Working with an attorney means getting the help of experts in their field. Your attorney should not only be skilled at defending their clients, but they must also be able to build strong relationships with different entities in the business and legal community. Remember, your attorney may be very skilled; however, positive results often come from the hard work of an entire team. 

Relationship #1. Expert Witnesses. You hired an attorney because you want someone who is skilled in the legal field. However, if you have a case that needs the expertise of someone in the medical or engineering field, you want to know that your attorney has someone they can call. It is imperative that your lawyer maintains good relationships with those in specialized fields so that you get someone who can make your case strong. 

Relationship #2. Forensic Specialists. An attorney who works in criminal law will want to have a strong relationship with someone in the forensic science field. This person will be able to examine the evidence provided and make scientific conclusions based on chemical and microscopic analysis. They can be integral in winning a case. 

Relationship #3. Court Reporters. Many people do not know the important role that court reporters play in helping with court cases. The court reporter must capture each word stated in the courtroom, log it, and ensure these transcripts are available. By creating this transcript, they allow court proceedings to be searched and archived for future use. 

When you work with an attorney, it pays to know that they have strong legal business relationships. To learn more about the 3 important legal business relationships to build and how they can help you, speak with your attorney today. Call the Saavedra Law Firm.

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